Buying your first home as an immigrant? Get support

Buying your first home as an immigrant? Get support

If you’re an immigrant and have come to the United States seeking a better life, you may also share the dream of buying a property of your own.

There are several steps involved in buying your own home. These include:

  • Meeting with your real estate agent and real estate attorney
  • Getting preapproved for your mortgage
  • Searching for homes that meet your specifications
  • Making an offer on a home that interests you
  • Negotiating and creating a contract
  • Inspecting the home
  • Obtaining financing
  • Going under contract
  • Finalizing the details, such as the appraisal and reviewing terms with the lender
  • Closing, where the property is transferred into your name

These steps are all part of the process of buying the right home for you. You’ll have an opportunity to see how much you are able to get in a mortgage, and then you can speak with your agent about finding homes that meet your specifications within that range in the location you desire. In most cases, you’ll want to go through showings, so that you see what the home looks like in person before making an offer.

You should know that Connecticut requires you to work with a licensed attorney during your real estate closing, but there are also other reasons to reach out to one. A legal team can help you with various aspects of the case, from understanding your contract to performing title searches. Your attorney can also help with title insurance and making sure that your interests are protected throughout the home buying process. If you aren’t fluent in English or need support because you’re not sure of how the contact you choose works, your attorney will be there to help throughout the process.