Legal Assistance In All Areas Of U.S. Immigration Law

These are challenging and uncertain times for immigrants. It has become more difficult to obtain entry to work or study in America. Those who are in the U.S. on temporary visas or even green cards worry about losing their immigration status.

Even in the best of times, the U.S. immigration system is complex and frustrating. At Rachna Khanna Law Group, we are devoted to advocating for individuals and families in all facets of immigration law. Whether you are applying for a visa or need urgent intervention for a family member, our legal team will assert your rights and work diligently for a favorable outcome.

Your Attorney Understands Your Challenges

Rachna Khanna immigrated to the United States in 1988. She has a long list of personal accomplishments and contributions to the community, yet she understands the legal obstacles and prejudices that immigrants often face. She will fiercely represent you in your immigration matter, consulting with other experts to protect your interests and help you reach your goals.

Our immigration law practice covers the full spectrum, including:

  • Removal defense: Immigration violations, criminal offenses and even traffic violations can lead to cancellation of visas and green cards. Many local Indian-owned businesses have been visited by Homeland Security or ICE agents asking for “papers.”
  • Asylum and waivers: We help asylum seekers, refugees, DACA recipients and others petition for visas, stays and waivers.
  • Temporary visas: We assist foreign nationals in applying for nonimmigrant work visas, student visas and business travel visas.
  • Employment-based immigration: We help foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities, advanced degrees or special skills obtain employment-based visas (green cards), and we assist their sponsoring U.S. employers with labor certification.
  • Family-based immigration: We help permanent residents and U.S. citizens pursue visas and green cards for their fiancées, spouses, children and relatives.
  • Citizenship: It is our great joy to help immigrants of all nations become naturalized U.S. citizens, including dealing with past criminal convictions or other barriers.

We also assist our immigrant clients with other legal issues, such as starting a business, buying a home or writing a will. Rachna Khanna Law Group welcomes immigrants from all countries and backgrounds.

We Are Here To Support The American Dream

Our attorney is living proof of what one can accomplish through determination and hard work. Rachna Khanna brings the same passion and perseverance to your immigration issues. Please call us at 860-310-5577 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We serve Manchester, Glastonbury and the greater Hartford area.

At Rachna Khanna Law Group, we speak English, Hindi and Punjabi. Gujarati, Spanish and Arabic translators available