Estate Planning

Estate Planning Made Easy

Everyone should have an estate plan. If you want to pass on your items, you need to make sure your estate plan documents are properly drafted so that there are no surprises. However, the complications of the laws in the United States make creating an estate plan difficult. It is wise to have an attorney who can help you through the process.

At Rachna Khanna Law Group, we are here to help. With extensive knowledge and experience in estate planning, attorney Rachna Khanna represents clients from various backgrounds. She brings a unique understanding of the challenges faced by clients who were not born in America. Serving clients in Hartford County and throughout Connecticut, we will help you through the legal process of establishing a comprehensive estate plan that will meet your needs.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Strategies For Any Client

Our legal team will help you with every essential document needed for a comprehensive estate plan, including:

  • Wills
  • Trust documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Health care powers of attorney

For high net-worth individuals and families requiring complex estate planning, we work with a team of experienced lawyers to make sure your needs are met. In addition, we handle everything from low-budget, simple wills to the multimillion-dollar portfolios.

An Attorney Who Understands Your Needs

“Every culture has its own traditions and uniquely valuable items that needed to be cared for throughout generations. With experience managing estates in Bermuda, Asia, Europe and America, I understand unique issues faced by immigrants such as owning real estate overseas, passing along cultural family heirlooms, and handling powers of attorney for aging parents living with them. As your attorney, I will protect your interests and help you create an effective estate plan.”

Attorney Rachna Khanna

After a person passes on, there needs to be an executor of the will who will make sure the property and other assets are divided according to the directions in the estate plan. It is critical to choose someone you trust completely to be the executor of the estate. Our own attorney, Rachna Khanna, can serve as the executor of your estate, or, if needed, can serve as co-executor to make sure the executor fulfills the duties of the estate appropriately.

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